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Welcome to information about Tales of Two Gails, the authors, their lives and upcoming events.
Thirty-eight stories and 68 photos tell stories of our lives as children and adults, reflecting significant people and events that led us on a positive journey in life.
"We were brought up together from the time we were tiny girls in the same rural mountain community of three families living near a dirt road. . . . . . . The only thing separating us from each other and a fun-filled day was a small "branch" of water flowing from the mountains, tumbling over rocks underneath a narrow foot-log spanning the short gap between the banks, a fence gate that was never locked and permission from adults allowing us to play together. . . .  Near dark, capturing fire flies in a glass Mason Jar offered late evening fun before we were sent off to bed, lying in the dark, windows open, and the cool damp mountain air settling around us.  Pillows with feathers from our own chickens cushioned our heads and we'd pull handmade quilts under our chins. The chilly dark stillness was broken only by the lonesome call of a whip-poor-will."  -From "Two Gails Through Sixty Years" by Gail Lester
"Fannie Mae Arnold could never have guessed the power of words she wrote to me in May 1956. . . . . Mrs. Arnold was attentive to my writing (in first grade). She would frequently call me to her side and listen as I read each story. . . . She took her special fountain pen and wrote to me on the back cardboard page. In part it said, 'Who knows, you may be a real story writer some day.'     Wherever I went, I kept the little story tablets with me. I would frequently read my early writings and think, 'One day, Mrs. Arnold, I will write real stories.' "   -From "Mrs. Arnold's Words" by Gail Diederich
A sampling of other titles:
Miz Shoo-der's Bikkits
Taking to the Woods
Aunt Maggie and a Box of Books
Sam, Prince Albert, and Buried Treasure
Growing Up Without Electricity
Small Rumps and a Turkey Roaster Pan
Different Roads, Same Friendship
Teaching Found Me
1 Baby Girl + 1 Baby Calf = 2 Frantic Farmers
Pacifiers, Mules, and Cornbread
High Heels and Heavy Things
From Pink to Purpose
This book is dedicated to our loving  grandparents,
Julie Shuler and Sam Guffey, who taught us to be strong 
and independent.                              

"On cold mornings, he held my shoes by the stove to warm them before I put them on for my walk to the bus stop. When it rained, he would put on  his long heavy overcoat and wrap it around me while I held on to his britches' leg.  We would walk close together to the bus stop on the main road, dodging mud puddles along the way. . . . . . .When the bus returned in the afternoon, he would be waiting, rain dripping off his hat brim, and together we'd walk home."  -From "A Grandpa's Love"
                  Sam Guffey,grandfather  
              of Gail Kelly Lester.              

"Grandma had been vigilant in her care of and love for me. She'd delivered me, held me on her lap as a toddler at meal time and fed me, sewed my clothes, knitted my mittens, and told me wonderful stories . . . . She sat patiently with me as I poured out teenage frustrations, her arthritic gnarled hands softly caressing my hair as my head lay in her lap... . . The day I left for college and told her goodbye, she stood on the porch, watched me leave and her whole body shook with sobs. It was the only time I ever saw her cry." -From "Grandma's Love Lives On"
             Julie Shuler, grandmother
          of Gail Shepherd Diederich
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